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When people hop into marriage, they tend to thrust the phrase ‘old habits die hard’ into a coal fire. Everyone in marriage would love their partner to change positively although many are in for a marital shock when things do not turn out as anticipated.

Get to know why who ever dates you is always unfaithful why men just come and run away from you feel disappointed that your friends are getting married yet wena you feel like giving up on relationships

Are you having any other personal problem stressing you up say you working but you don't see where your money is going that you only having debts on you many people are owing you,you try to save but always there is comes a problem and you use your saved money.

You spent so much on your kids educating them but they have failed to get jobs to find work and you see that your family is really struggling yet others are moving from one step to another then come be cleansed call

property spells to bring stolen goods cloths or property back to you

Lock heart of your lover to love only you

Lock him such that he isnt active is he tries cheating on you to not work on any one else but only you

Job spells to find a new and a good paying job

Stop cheating love spells to make him faithful to you and give you ample time and fulfill his promises of marrying you

Remove black spot on your skin

Loose or gain weight

Hlukana nokuhlupheka

Bhekamina ngedwa

Divorce related problems . Witchcraft and Healing,Having bad dreams ,or cant sleep at night . Business and family problems,misunderstandings in families . Unfinished jobs . Body pains,pressures or stokes,skin rushes,remove scars, . Protection from evil -Pass Exams students and get good score marks . Protection from your enemies . Spiritual Healing ,See your Enemies in the mirror -Do you have enemies at your work come be helped -You playing lotto and casino but you not winning come be cleansed and gain yo luck -You want win court cases or be bailed out -Love attraction,just smear in your face and look at him or her he will follow you -Bhekhamina ngedwa . Connect to your ancestors - Your relationships don't last long - You in marriage with no kids come be helped - Imali esheshayo -Iskahfulo -Sea water - Woza Woza - Ukuflasha - Lock Heart (khiya inhliziyo yakhe to be yours only ) - Long distance Relationship problems - Lack of man power and gain back that spark in yo relationship -Umuthi wokuthola Umusebenzi -Come be cleansed ,cleanse your homes and families Stop Excessive drinking and smoking (bad peer groups)

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