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Nokwanda's Testimony

I and my partner have been together for 3 years and we both expecting our first kid thing is my partner is changed is no-longer like before yet we have been together and came to me while in a struggling life helped him even find a better job manje things are changed is moody no longer active in bed,come very late home some days doesn't come back at all worse of it all got shocked when i hard is in preparations paying of another girl and umamezala is behind all that i got stressed till i asked for a leave at work

Tried many things to see that i stop all that but all in vein i had lost hope ukuthi is gone till when i came across Makhosi here,He made

an appointment for me and he did a psychic reading for me telling me yonkinto that i was going through he did his works and stopped all the nonsense Xolani has been doing ,

He asked me if he could reverse all the isichitho they had put on me but i asked him to burn it because i never wanted to hurt any one since i liked my mother in law but i had found out how he was in payment of lobola for another girl i asked Makhosi to stop all that and he did ,eventually Xolani came back to me knelt down and asked for an apology now we living happily gave birth nicely and our son is healthy,Umamezala wami also apologised and forgave her but never to trust her again any more and if you having any issue or going through the same i recommend Makhosi to you on 0731826876 to help you out Call him on +27731826876 Whatsapp number is +27731826876 contact him to have a change in life thank you so so much Makhosi

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