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Stop with the excuses already, put a ring on him/her

Stop with the excuses already, put a ring on it

Making a commitment is scary and risky but so are most worthwhile ventures. Living in fear is not God’s plan for our lives. It is true that many marriages have failed, but so what?

It happens all the time, for some reason men ignore the desire for women to walk down the aisle.

Most women would love to walk down the aisle and they sometimes request for it. Other women are shy but trust me, they will indirectly ask for it. Men just don’t pay attention or they have a plan of how they think a relationship should be.

Unlike in some countries where they consider a long relationship a marriage even if there’s no knot tied, there are countries where even if you stay with someone for 10 years and even have children together, in the eyes of the law, you are just two individual citizens who have children together but not a couple.dont wait for your lover to go away or disappoint you here is a powerful love spell caster

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