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Signs of isichitho in a relationship

First and foremost is to understand what isichitho is?.

Then Get to know the reasons whey some one does or sends isichitho to you

Then lastly get to know what isichitho does to you once it is sent on you or in your relationship or marriage

And how to remove it or shield your self a protection from it messing your love life

Here is Makhosi to help you out +27731826876

isichitho is a witchcraft spell or black magic used by wicked or evil hearted people to make some one look less attractive to your partner to loose interest in you, break up with you argue out with you or even beat you, fight with you then swear you with evil words.

Generally Isichitho destroys everything that you are trying to do in your life that was adding a positive change in building up your life to success , so any person that does not wish you well in your life can do or send isichitho on you to make you be in sufferings, pain and struggles.

isichitho can also be a curse or some form suffering or misfortune done by bad jealousy people will befall or attach to one's life or more people say can be done on your family ,children ,friends, your boss, or your colleagues to befall you from all of them to suffering

it is sent or done to you to make a separation on you, or in any relationship or in curse form done to some ones life ,it is mainly done by witched people who are bad hearted such that they dont see you having progress in life.

Once isichitho is done or sent on you it starts affecting your life and it starts with showing you signs and symptoms so here is Makhosi Zondi to help you out +27731826876 What's-app

Here are the signs of isichitho in a relationship

Get to know the signs and symptoms of isichitho in your relationship

-Less attractive /Less appealing to your lover

-Endless fights and arguments in your relationship, marriage, work or with your neighbor

-unhappiness in bed with your lover ,you dont feel him or her anymore

-Bad smells from your privates or on whole body

-Rejecting or abandoning family and your own kids or children's

-Physical fights that may lead you to a hospital

-Short temper and anger issues associated with strong hatefulness /hatres

-Being cheated on by your partner repeatedly

-Ukuzwa engathi uhanjwa ulwembu ebusweni /Spider web

-Getting your menstruation periods when going to your boyfriend or when with your partner

-Ukuzimoshela uhleli noma ulele nomuntu wakho/peeing or messing yourself

- Mites in your house /bed /cockroaches /clothing

-Not being able to perform when with your partner /Induku iyawa in men/lack interest in sex

-Insecurities, overprotective and jealousy

-Break ups for no good reason

-Being fired at work for no reason

-Written or verbal warnings regularly for no good valid reasons

-No luck in finding a job in your relationship then end up separating because you cant feed your partner or even take him out or surprise

-Dreaming of human waste, frogs and mites

-Rash or Skin irritation and pain

Getting horro dreams

Arguments with family swearing each other fights and lost of misunderstandings

What ever you touches on breaks or gets destroyed up

You work hard but not promoted

Your team always looses and you have worked hard but failed to become a talisman of your team yet you badly in need of it

Every man who comes to you leaves you for no reason

always evil hearted people come in your life

Amadoda yakushela kodwa they are all poor and many got no jobs they just want things for mahala sleep with you and dump you

Mwen whom you date do not want pay damages and lobola

To mention but a few so if you seeing any signs as above mentioned or any other sign that is bothering or showing up to you then kindly contact Makhosi on +27731826876

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