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Signs of isichitho in a relationship 27731826876 Makhosi.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Signs and symptoms that some one has used ISICHITHO on you

There are several signs and symptoms that some one has used Isichitho on you in your relationship or marriage

Thokozani ekhaya

Let us get to know first What isichitho is ?.

Thokozani ekhaya

Let us get to know first What isichitho is

What is Isichitho

Isichitho is a witchcraft spell used by wicked people to make the victim less attractive to their partner or to other people just in general. Isichitho destroys everything that you are trying to build or accomplish, so any person that does not wish you well in your life can cast isichitho on you to destroy what you are trying to build, whether a relationship, career , business even education . Isichitho takes control over your life, It lives inside your body and Siyachitha whatever ozama ukuyenza.

There are many different forms of isichitho, But isichitho is mostly used by women who are fighting over the same man, But nevertheless your competitor at your workplace or any person that might want to put you down can also use isichitho on you. It can be a jealous family member, jealous ex lover or even a wicked random stranger you might have wronged. I’ve had many cases in my healing experience where by clients fight isichitho from an ex lover, worst case scenario sometimes a family member.

Common isichitho Types

Most common types of Isichitho

-Isichitho samakaka

-Isichitho solwembu

-Isichitho sesongololo

-Isichitho sezintwala mamakhizane/ticks/fleas (+27731826876 Makhosi)

-Isichitho Sempe

-Isichitho +27731826876 Makhos

-Isichitho segazi

-Isichitho segazi

Ukuzimoshela uhleli noma ulele nomuntu wakho/peeing or messing yourself

- Mites in your house /bed /couches/clothing

-Not being able to perform when with your partner /Induku iyawa in men/lack interest in sex

-Insecurities, overprotective and jealousy

-Break ups for no good reason

-Being fired at work for no reason

-Written or verbal warnings regularly for no good valid reasons

-No luck in finding a job

-Dreaming of human waste, frogs and mites

-Rash /Skin irritation

isichitho prevention and how to get rid of it +27731826876 Makhosi

Yes definitely you can, and you are able to send it back where it comes from should you wish to do so .Isichitho treatment requires special traditional techniques from inyanga/sangoma/(+27731826876 Makhosi )gifted persons . There is a wide variety of treatment and techniques that can be done traditionally /Spiritually to prevent and treat this witchcraft spell.

Not only isichitho will tempt to destroy your life but it can cause serious spiritual sicknesses resulting in depression, anxiety and suicides. Always consult more than 2 sangomas and compare their findings or readings, so that you do not get wrong treatment as other isichitho symptoms are similar to other witch hexes and similar to a person with ubizo lobungoma,early symptoms can be confusing,hurry up and get help form a powerful healer a true man og God #thegodofLove #isichitho0731826876

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