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isilwane / Tikoloshe / Stop Sleeping with spiritual Husband and wife

Isilwane? / Tikoloshe (spiritual Husband or Wife )

Isilwane is a very strong supernatural evil spirit or creature that is sent to you to mess your life ,love life or end your relationship or marriage , and its existence is to cause trouble

unhapiness and sufferings only

isilwane / Tikoloshe is a real ,live animal used for witchcraft. But when the owner passes away this animal/ spirit gets left behind without anyone taking care of it and causes family damage in children and live stock.

If ubelethiswe isilwane , sihlala kuwe and does all sort of things to you as casted by the witch/your enemy/competitor. You can get isilwane via sexual intercourse ,or through food eating or in a dream Amaphupho isichitho . Witches of these days are very advanced, they will find ways to send isilwane to you easily, in a seductive and tempting way.

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Signs and symptoms that you have isilwane or Tikoloshe

Badluck in almost everything you do /ukuvaleka kwezinhlanhla zakho

-Being disliked for no particular valid reason /Ukungathandeki ube nesidina

-Regular fights with your partner /friends

-Sex/Alcohol/Drug abuse( Addiction)

-Anger problems/Short temper

-Isilwane will make you hate your day job/Your life in general

-Your partner may find you less attractive

-Eating a lot of bloody meat

-Weight loss and sometimes gain loss

-Wet and loose private part of a woman

-Quick ejaculation in men

-Unexplained car accident while driving

-Itchy skin/body parts



-Nightmares, especially in children’s

-Inability to remember dreams

-Tinstuff allergies and eczema/izinduna

+27731826876 Makhosi


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