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Siyini isilwane ?

isilwane is an evil spiritual satanic animal or terrifying demonic animal or man that can attack you ,get into your life and mess it ,it can come in various forms such as spiritual animal or a man or woman or anything to starts terrifying your life. It can be sent to you by evil or jealousy people who want to separate or mess up your relationship, social life,work,school,or home life ..

Once sent to you it starts to sleep with you blocking your love affection ad attraction from your lover, it can make you barren and fail you having kids of your own it can make you have sleepless nights with evil horror dreams such as you dream having sex with some one you dont know ,you dream fighting or being attacked ,you dream of snakes, dream of snail, snails rats lions dream spiders, you dream amathuneni, caskets, boxes, and so many horror things

Signs that you having isilwane

1 You always dream of having sex with some one else not your partner

2 Being disliked and irritability from your lover that you start having short temper and quickly getting annoyed of whatever he or she does

3 Not being in position of maintaining your relationship that who ever falls in love with you breaks away and goes away for no good reason leaving you single always

4 Unexplained mistakes /accidents or misfortunes you always find your self in mistakes doing repeated mistakes hurting those whom you need most who support you such that they break away from you, getting unexpected accidents hurting you or nearly costing your life ,what ever you do doesn't add up you always struggling with misfortunes

5 Having deadly diseases on you falling sickly every time having un expected fears most specially if you going on trials or examinations or job interview or having seminars or conferences to handle you end up failing

6 Financial Misfortunes isilwane makes you grow bad habits like excess drinking and smoking or makes you to be a womanizers' that all your money goes to unproductive things

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