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isichitho signs and preventions

Siyini isichitho?. isichitho is a witchcraft spell used by wicked people to make you less attractive to your partner or to other people Get rid of isichitho today contact Makhosi on +27731826876 WhatsApp

There are several signs and symptoms that some one has used isichitho on you +27731826876 Makhosi -Less attractive /Less appealing to your lover -Bad dreams ,dreaming of feaces (amasimba) -Endless fights and arguments in your relationship, marriage, work or with your neighbor. -unhappiness in bed with your lover ,you dont feel him or her anymore while making love -Rejecting or abandoning family and your own kids or children's -Short temper and anger issues associated with strong hate -Ukuzwa engathi uhanjwa ulwembu ebusweni /Spider web -Getting your amaperiods when going to your boyfriend or when with your partner -Ukuzimoshela uhleli noma ulele nomuntu wakho/peeing or messing yourself -Break ups for no good reason -Being fired at work for no reason No luck in finding a job -Rash /Skin irritation and pain To mention but a few so if you seeing any signs as above mentioned or any other sign that is bothering or showing up to you then kindly contact Makhosi on +27731826876

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