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isichitho affecting my relationship and marriage, Get rid off isichitho.

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

isichitho /Get rid of evil curses ,muthis and evil hearted people doing bad evil things n you in your life

isichitho is an evil curse sent to you by evil people who do not wish seeing you in happy relationship .isichitho is a Zulu word which means Get rid off bad curse or bad muthis that are sent to you by some one who is sent t you by a jealousy person....

isichitho and islwane normally move together or are used together by evil hearted people or by witches to put a curse on your relationship and on other avenues of your life to see that you not worth valuable in your life for example in Relationship sending isilwane on you to mess your job to mess your family ,kids destroying each and every thing in your life to see that what ever you doing is a dead end for you most especially in your inmate relationship or in your marriage separating you away from your husband (man) or wife (wife) This come mainly from people whom we welcome into our private lives or those who are after our loved one they could be working together could be family bad evil relative evil hearted Neighbors, evil hearted friends or old school mates which do not want to see progress in our lives ..

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There are several signs and symptoms that show that they have sent isichitho on you

if you see changes of your face starting to develop rashes that you treat but with no signs of cure then et to know you having isichitho

Having endless arguments and fights over in your relationship then get to know you having isichitho

Feeling bad when you have inmate with your partner feeling hot in there not they sent you isichitho to make you feel really bad about your partner you get pissed and no joy while inmate having abnormal discharge or periods

Your kids studied but find difficulty of finding jobs or you always find job but eventually out of the blue bakumise emsebenzine with out a clear reason this is totally sign of isichitho

Having number 2 while you inmate with your partner ,this is so so disgusting for you to faeces on your bed or partners bed the evil act of isichitho sent over you makes you faeces and mess the bed such that your partner ca get agitated over you and move away loose your love affection and attraction hence a break up and no more love no more communicating no joy hence staying lonely contact Makhosi +27731826876

Having isichitho dreams many call it amaphupho isichitho if you start dreaming of seeing faeces, seeing maggots seeing your self in the grave yard ,seeing your self inmate with some one else ,you wake up even when you wet down there just know you having isichitho/isilawne sent on you...

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There are very many signs and symptoms of isichitho

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