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isichitho 5 Signs and Symptoms You Must Not ignore

isichitho is a curse or  some form suffering and misfortune done by bad jealousy bad people will befall or attach to one's life or more people say can be done on your family ,children ,friends, your boss, or your colleagues to befall you from all of them to suffering

it is sent or done to you to make a separation on you, or in any relationship or in curse form done to some ones

life ,it is mainly done by witched people who are bad hearted such that they dont see you having progress in life

Once isichitho is done or sent on you it starts affecting you life and it starts with showing you signs and symptoms

1. Being Disliked and appealing less attractive

This is the most common sign of isichitho, being disliked by people may be caused by many factors but once someone has used isichitho on you this will happen drastically. You may find that you were very appealing and being adored by almost everyone close to you even strangers, but once that spell has been casted on you, you will also feel less attractive, and people will just feel disgusted by you, by your presence or even by thinking of you. Your partner will start avoiding you, which will result in cheating,your colleagues even your boss, worst case scenario your family will be very irritated by your presence

2. Fighting with your partner or loved ones

This is also the most common sign, All couples fight, families and co-workers argue, It's completely natural. Since isichitho is aimed at causing havoc in the victims life, it will make the victim irritable, leading to endless and exhausting fights out of the blue.

3. Depression associated with Suicidal thoughts

Not only isichitho will tempt to destroy your life but it can cause serious spiritual sicknesses resulting in depression, anxiety and suicides.Isichitho is associated with bad lucks, such as job loss, financial battles, unstable relationships etc. When the victim feels like nothing good is happening in life, they start to suffer from chronic stress leading to serious depression and other mental illnesses.

4. Body rashes and Itchiness associated with Bad Odour

Isichitho sits in you, in your blood, in your flesh and spirit therefore it can easily affect your health as it weakens your immune system. Symptoms such as Vaginal itch and face or whole body irritation and sometimes feeling like something is crawling on you but can’t see it, is all associated with isichitho.

5. Dreaming of Human waste

Dreams associated with human waste, menstruation, and seeing mites and frogs are associated with isichitho. This type of isichitho is known to be casted using human waste , which is why the victim will be less attractive, people will look at you and feel really irritated as if they were looking at something disgusting and has bad odour like human waste.

If the isichitho is aimed at destroying your relationship , than your partner is the one that will be mostly affected by this, your partner will turn on you and would want nothing to do with you.

If you have any of the above signs and Symptoms, Whatsapp me on +27731826876 Makhosi

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