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What's is isichitho?...

isichitho is human curse used by someone who hates you, does not want to see progress in life or someone who wants to end your relationship or marriage by making you to seem unattractive and annoying (ubenesidina) to make you look really ugly infront of your lover ,not feel you sweet anymore manenza ucansi

When someone has used isichitho on you, people become irritated by you especially when they see you or even think about. In this article I will however, discuss few types of isichitho so that perhaps you may have a bit of an understanding.

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Jealousy people do

use human waste. This type of isichitho has ended many relationships and marriages then broken many homes. You will hear a person that you have spent all of your life with telling you that you smell and you are suffocating them . One glance at you, they begin to feel very irritated by you in fact they can not stand you. With isichitho sothuvu, one may not feel as annoyed by you when your are not in their presence (such as speaking over the phone) but when you see each other conflict will erupt.

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