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Updated: Dec 6, 2022


is a curse or some form suffering and misfortune done by bad jealousy bad people will befall or attach to one's life or more people say can be done on your family ,children ,friends, your boss, or your colleagues to befall you from all of them to suffering

it is sent or done to you to make a separation on you, or in any relationship or in curse form done to some ones life ,it is mainly done by witched people who are bad hearted such that they dont see you having progress in life

Once isichitho is done or sent on you it starts affecting you life and it starts with showing you signs and symptoms

it has got different forms or types if it is sent on you you can easily tell the type that is causing sufferings or pain on you

Here are the common types of isichitho with their signs and symptoms

Going through hard love life situation that your seeing bad changes in your life or love life that are happening at a speed which you dont know even know ,they happen at first and you hardly pay attention to them and can even take some good time weeks, months or even a year that's when things start getting serious that you have been using some little unserious staff like burning the incense till when thing completely get out of control some of the signs and symptoms of isichitho are Endless arguments between you and your partner with no main reason,ukuthi u find your self in arguments with each other small things make u annoyed quickly, loosing your lovers affections and attractions ,low bed affection and drive not wanting your partner touch you or not wanting to be inmate with him or her,

Your partner cheating on you every now and then ,he can confess but find him self cheating with so many women or men..MAKHOSI +27731826876 to help you out.

Having or going into early periods than the expected time, itches all over your face or body,having bad dreams every now and then, hearing evil crazy sounds at the top of your roof,

Having endless headeachs,short temper,ulaka,and so many other signs lik

e studying while failing ,not passing with good grades, loosing job with no c

lear reason... demotions at job, your kids struggling in life yet they studied and failed to find jobs, or they are not stable and unhappy in their marriages,

Dont loose hope after having tried many healers minus getting help here

is Makhosi Zondi B +27731826876 to help you out ,vika (shield and get p

rotected ) your self from being attacked by isichitho, rebuke it from working

again on you, open your luck again such that whatever that you do yields

success, secure your relationship again ,bring back your lost lover and s

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