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Imithi yokhishwa isichitho sikhiswa ngani noma selashwa ngani isichitho

Imithi yokwelapha isichitho Isichitho

Isichitho is a muthi that is used that is used to make someone less likable.

This is done in many way ways, isichitho can be in a form of face pimples or smelling bad.

On this platform i talk more on isichitho and hw you can get rid of it.

Isichitho yinto eyenziwa ngabantu ukuze ungathandeki, ube ne isidina, noma isicefe, ukungathandeki kuhambisana nokuthi izinto zakho zingakulungeli.

"Uma ufakwe isichitho awuthandeki kubantu, ngokujwayelekile isichitho sifakwa izintombi zendoda yakho ukuthi uphume endodeni kusale bona".

Isichitho uyasithola emshadweni lapho izintombi zendoda zikuthakatha, akukho safe, angeke ukuqinisekise ukuthi awusoze wasithola isichitho.

Ayikho indlela yokusivika, indlela ekhona eyokuselapha uma sesifikile.

on this platform ngizokufundisa ukugeza isichitho. Ukususa isichitho singaphinde sibuye lapho siphuma khona

Isichitho sikhishwa ngani noma selashwa ngani? +27731826876 Makhosi ngena ku whats-app sxoxe

Ziningi izindlela zokukhipha isichitho esingapheli, kuleli page sineziwasho eziningi zokukhipha isichitho.

Isiwasho siyasikhipha isichitho (umgqwaliso ebusweni).

Susa isichitho kalula ngokusebenzisa

, Lesiwasho esokukhipha isichitho usebenzisa i-spirit kanye ne holly ash umlotha wamandiya.

Umuthi wesizulu uyasisusa futhi uyasikhipha isichitho ne Imbhola yesiXhosa

Sizobheka iziwasho nam amakhambi esizulu akwazi ukukhipha sona phela isichitho:

isichitho dreams

Those are dreams that you dream when you are having isichitho.

amaphupho esichitho, uphupha izinto ezinyanyisayo nezingasile. Abantu abaningi bayaba nesichitho

kodwa bangabi namaphupho esichitho. Yini oyiphuphayo uma unesichitho?

  1. Amaphupho esichitho:

  2. Ukuphupha amakaka

  3. ukuphupha izimpethu

  4. ukuphupha izintuthane

  5. ukuphupha unesichitho noma ukuphupha izinto ezinyanyisayo

  6. Less attractive /Less appealing to your lover

  7. Endless fights and arguments in your relationship, marriage, work or with your neighbor

  8. unhappiness in bed with your lover ,you dont feel him or her anymore

  9. Bad smells from your privates or on whole body

  10. Rejecting or abandoning family and your own kids or children's

  11. Physical fights that may lead you to a hospital

  12. Short temper and anger issues associated with strong hatefulness /hatres

  13. Being cheated on by your partner repeatedly

  14. Ukuzwa engathi uhanjwa ulwembu ebusweni /Spider web

  15. Getting your menstruation periods when going to your boyfriend or when with your partner

  16. Ukuzimoshela uhleli noma ulele nomuntu wakho/peeing or messing yourself

  17. Mites in your house /bed /cockroaches /clothing

  18. Not being able to perform when with your partner /Induku iyawa in men/lack interest in sex

  19. Insecurities, overprotective and jealousy

  20. Break ups for no good reason

  21. Being fired at work for no reason

  22. Written or verbal warnings regularly for no good valid reasons

  23. No luck in finding a job

  24. Dreaming of human waste, frogs and mites

  25. Rash /Skin irritation and pain

  26. To mention but a few so if you seeing any signs as above mentioned or any other sign that is bothering or showing up to you then kindly contact Makhosi on +27731826876

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