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Home remedies to remove isichitho

ways of getting rid of isichitho

What is isichitho?. isichitho is an evil bad human made curse that is sent to you mostly by those who hate you, who are bad hearted such that they dont see you having a

progress in life or in love relationship, marriage or at work,

isichitho can be done to you to end your love life with the partner that you love so much or by making you to start getting unattractive and annoying (ubenesidina) abantu bakunyanye you start feeling shy of your body your face your love life etc ube novalo

When someone has used isichitho on you, people become irritated by you especially when they see you or even think about ,through the powers invested in me i Prof Bruhan i do help those who are going through hard life and love problems being bothered by this isichitho even though you are far i do help you as long as you send me both your names and photo i do it here for you and i help you out what's-app me on +27731826876

Home Remedies of Removing isichitho

Get a dish put in clean water then after

Get two eggs ,break them into the water then after

Get umuthi wogeza put it in then after

mix it up with your left hand as you talking all that you want kodwa start with your surnames


After go and take a bath but when the sun is falling as you bathing talk also that uwena sbani bani you bathing this you removing isichitho off your body and blood and you sending it to whoever sent it on you or wherever its coming from bath the whole body for 3 consecutive days

sizophuma ngeke siphinde sikuhluphe nakance then after you do a protection that even though the sender tries sending it on you again it only bounces back to her

WhatsApp Makhosi on +27731826876  get helped

isichitho signs and preventions

isichitho types their Signs and symptoms that someone has used isichitho on you

There are several types of isichitho with different signs and symptoms that some one has used Isichitho on you in your relationship or marriage,work,education ,life ,or wellbeing

 We all know that

Isichitho is a witchcraft spell used by wicked,evil hearted people to make the victim less attractive to their partner or to other people just in general. Isichitho destroys everything that you are trying to build or accomplish, so any person that does not wish you good at all in your life can cast isichitho on you to destroy what you are trying to build, whether a relationship,marriage ,family, career , business even education . Isichitho takes control over your life, It lives inside your body and Siyachitha whatever ozama ukuyenza. WhatsApp Makhosi on +27731826876

There are many different forms of isichitho, But isichitho is mostly used by women who are fighting over the same man, though nevertheless your competitor at your workplace,can be used by your neighbors or any person that might want to put you down can be a family member too also use isichitho on you. It can be a jealous family member, jealous ex lover or even a friend a wicked random stranger you might have wronged. I’ve had many cases in my healing experience where clients fight isichitho from an ex lover, worst case scenario sometimes a family member. once friends

WhatsApp Makhosi on +27731826876

Most common types of Isichitho

-Isichitho samakaka

-Isichitho solwembu

-Isichitho sesongololo

-Isichitho sezintwala mamakhizane/ticks/fleas

-Isichitho Sempe

-Isichitho sezinduna

-Isichitho segazi

WhatsApp Makhosi on +27731826876

signs and symptoms that they have used isichitho on you

Ukuzimoshela uhleli noma ulele nomuntu wakho/peeing or messing yourself

- Mites in your house /bed /couches/clothing

-Not being able to perform when with your partner /Induku iyawa in men/lack interest in sex

-Insecurities, overprotective and jealousy

-Break ups for no good reason

-Being fired at work for no reason

-Written or verbal warnings regularly for no good valid reasons at work

-No luck in finding a job

-Dreaming of human waste, frogs and mites

-Rash /Skin irritation

-Having evil dreams seeing snakes and frogs and rats

-Rats in house even though u give it poison it doesnt eat it

-Being unlinked by people

-Always stressful

-ukuba novalo towards others

-Failing to pass exams

-Failing to learn what is taught at school or varsity

-People always stealing at you

-Your car always getting accidents

-Your business doesn't get clients

-Not enjoying sex with your partner you feel agitated and stop on way

-Your lover ignoring you for no reason

-You work but uhola ama peanuts

-You work with lots of people and they get promoted but for wena u dont get promoted

-Having endless family disagreements quarrels

-Your kids turn into laughing stock they do not perform at school or they join evil bad peer groups

-Failing examinations

-Fearing examinations and job interviews

-Always failing job interviews

 -Failing of learners driving texts

-Cats crying at your house at night

-Owl hauling at you at night

-Spiders in your house

-having bad pimples to less attractive

-Men always dont find interest in you

-Failing marriages

-You beautiful but men always come and go no one marries you they only sleep with you

-Being in marriage and dont get kids

-Cooking and always burning food that you cook for your husband

-Not being tight anymore that your partner nolonger feels you tight but only feels a hole in you

-Being too waterly in your private for your man not to feel you

-Always having endless arguments and fights with your partner for no reason

-Bakujolele njalo in whatever relationship you go in

-Abantu bakuhlebe njalo

-Uyasebenza kodwa no progress in like at all

-usebenza and udle imali yonke uyiphuze with out saving and doing developmental things on your self

-uhlezi uphelelwa imali


Wozani nithole usizo

Whats-App Makhosi ku +27731826876

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