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Nokubonga DBN

It’s been getting to a year when we are dating together me and my boyfriend we stay in same area almost neighbours but things are getting bitter and bitter every day when i asked him to introduce me to his family things aren't working out for me We had small relationship problems if you have ever been in a relationship you know exactly what am talking about the cheatings unfaithfulness but always seemed to sort them and carry on.

But after when it was getting to a year i asked him introduce me to his family because he also confessed he loved me and want have a future with me,

Eventually when he went to talk to his family about me his mother suddenly decided she doesn't like me and told his son to leave me. I'm dying inside because I feel he is the one but he does not want to upset his mother. I don't know what to do! Am fading all my family knew him and had accepted him as my partner and always told me to be faithful to him and settle .....

i have tried many things to see that i don't lose him but to my disappointment that they found someone else for him to marry i lost weight have been stressing and crying every day one day i was from work in taxi i met my old school friend who asked me why i looked so disappointed i narrated her my story he took me to Makhosi Dr Wasula Bruhan (+27731826876) who told me all my problems before i said them he dis remove the ischitho that was sent to me and stopped all arrangements th

at where taking place because my man always confessed to me that he truly loved me though his family never liked me

We moved in together and now we expecting our first kid ,Dr Wasula made his mother to accept me she called me and told me to visit her we went together and she even apologized for whatever that had happened she told me that she can see us we were meant to be together Thank you so much Makhosi Dr Wasula Bruhan Thank you a lot i recommend any one with a problem contact Dr Wasula to help you he is genuine and he knows what he does

Call +27731826876 what’s-app +27731826876

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