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He promised to marry me but he changed his minds,is now cheating,scolds at me and never sleeps home

Testimony from Singa Durban

i have always been happy in my relationship with my boyfriend that we have been dating for 4 years and have always been happily staying together we first dated for two years when and i was always visiting him every now and then whenever i wanted or could ask him com fetch me whenever he wanted me visit him till when i wanted to fully introduce him to my family when i saw how serious he was with me then after introducing him he paid a bride price and i moved to his place he is so caring full of surprises and so sweet after he asked me to get engaged to him but said he will put a ring on my fingure as he prepares for a wedding i was so happy that every one home got to knew about that,till when he started changing slowly coming back home late ,started feeling unsafe with me that he could even go with his phone in bathroom till when he started scolding at me i could not find sleep anymore at night we shared the same bed but-could not torch me

Things where really worse till when he started spending nights over minus coming back home he ad found peer friend who he could always hung out with and later i got to know he was seeing some one new the woman got to know about me and used to send me degrading messages and did all bad evil staff on me till when i started seeking help as i was also praying till when i found Prof Bruhan +27731826876 on line Thank you Lord this prof Listens and is really caring that he did a psychic reading for me told me of what i was going through and he cast his love spell on my Lover with in 3 days he hard started calling asking me to sit and we talk wow he came back apologized and we are back fully together and we in preparations of our marriage as he had promised me at first that you so much Prof Bruhan +27731826876 that you brought back hope in my love life,if you having any love life difficulties her

e is Prof Bruhan to help you he knows what he id doing Whats-app Prof Bruhan on +27731826876

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