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Geza isinyama ,Remove Back Luck off from following you

Yini isinyama?.

Isinyama is bad evil witches, having back luck sent to you by evil hearted people to cause bad luck suffering pain and misery in your life ,

Once some one sends or casts isinyama upon you...each and every thing of yours starts going bad ,from loosing your job, falling sickly or disease that they cant see or treat ,having endless arguments in your relationship and eventually breaking up with your lover.2773182687 Makhosi Zondi B

Bad dreams

Evil spirits worrying you at night not to sleep over

NB when you have ISINYAMA your things will never go right. Everything will just go wrong because you are associated with bad luck. Some have the belief that if you can go visit the sea and take a bath there then your problems will be gone. my dear you need to contact a professional healer to help you in series of taking out that bad luck +2773182687 Makhosi Zondi B is here to help you out in removing that bad luck off you parmanatley and after shield you in a protection never to be worried ever again

khona umuthi wokugeza isinyama

ukususa isinyama

Remove isinyama

Susa isinyama

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