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Early signs of isichitho

There are different forms of isichitho, But isichitho is a witchcraft spell used by wicked people to make the victim less attractive to their partner or to other people just in all its mostly used by women who are fighting for a man, it could be a person you work with or business competitor any person that might want you down not to b successful more than them can also use isichitho on you. I

t can be a jealous family member, your ex-lover or even a wicked random stranger you might have wronged.

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Early signs of isichitho

-Less attractive /Less appealing

-Endless fights and arguments

-Bad smells on you or your privates

-Rejecting or abandoning family and children

-Physical fights that may lead you to a hospital or death

-Short temper and anger issues associated with strong hatefulness /haters

-Being cheated on by your partner repeatedly

-Ukuzwa engathi uhanjwa ulwembu ebusweni /Spider web

-Getting your menstruation periods when going to your boyfriend or when with your partner

-Ukuzimoshela uhleli noma ulele nomuntu wakho/peeing or messing yourself

- Mites in your house /bed /couches/clothing

-Not being able to perform when with your partner /Induku iyawa in men/lack interest in sex

-Insecurities, overprotective and jealousy

-Break ups for no good reason

-Being fired at work for no reason

-Written or verbal warnings regularly for no good valid reasons

-No luck in finding a job

-Dreaming of human waste, frogs and mites

-Rash /Skin irritation

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