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Don’t just sit there and cry, fight for your marriage

“There’s no crown for spouses who watch their marriages slide further away each day and all they do is wail and hug pillows. No, marriage isn’t for cowards and if no body told you before you tied that knot then consider this breaking news that has lived longer than life itself. Marriage just like any other entity of life will face challenges and only the strong can keep that ring. Your sweetheart today might threaten you tomorrow but the first instinct shouldn’t be joining Hussein Bolt and flee.

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People will always find fault in whatever you do, you friends might encourage you not to fight but sometimes you just have to switch on the Mute button. It’s so absurd when people turn the right into wrong and convince us that the wrong is actually right. Well, dear married people; I hope you do not listen to their discouraging words pushing you into believing that fighting for your marriage is a sin. No, its alright to fight for your marriage, protect your spouse and your children until death do you apart.

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