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Cupha umuntu wakho angakufebele

Thokoza ekhaya ngyanikumbuza ukuthi khona umuthi wokucupha indoda or umfazi wakho not to cheat on you

Are you worried that you no-longer understand your partner well that he or she has changed no-longer giving you full ultimate attention ,love and care then he could be seeing some one else who is taking his minds love and affection then you need okumucupha such that he does stop all that here is Makhosi to help you out

Contact me on +27731826876 and get lock your lover to love only you

Ukucupha indoda or umfazi or ukukhiya inhliziyo yakhe athande abheke wena wedwa is almost the same thing, the intention is to stop your partner from cheating and sleep around with young girls or with your close friends or any other woman or man but to make your lover give you ultimate attention affection love and care

There are many muthi types that can be used ngokucupha umuntu wakho uthandane naye

iLUMBO muthi , all the people that will sleep with umuntu ocushiwe they run mad or must be Unable to separate, this muthi will lock people when they are doing sex, they wont be able to separate.

Daria muthi, when couples are doing it, a man that is sleeping with your wife will start to have a running stomach.

A demon/isilwane voice, When in bed with your lover ocuphile with this muthi, there is going to be a voice coming out of woman's mouth, it is not a her original voice, it can be mans voice, or any kind of strange voice or noise, this will distract the male partner from sleeping with your lover and go away …its a two way traffic can also be done by women and when other girl or Waman wants to sleep with your husband it scares her away

Ulala. If a woman icuphile with ulala, a man will fall asleep while trying to sleep with her, the sleep will be so deep that it will take up to 12 hours to wakeup.

Muthi for bleeding,inyosa this muthi will make a woman bleed if she is trying to sleep with a man who is not hers , she will immediately go on periods, when she left the mans place the bleeding will stop immediately and gets back to normal so yekisa umuntu wakho ukufebela mucuphe

kindly contact me o +27731826876 for immediate reply

If you far i can still help you out by sending me both your names age and photo i do it for you over the phone


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