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Choosing your phone over your relationship will do you no good

While relationships are important, their thriving has suffered several lashes. In the past, some of the issues at hand were mistrust, third parties, and the like. But today, technology, has joined the club.

Technology, in and of itself is vital in helping and easing communication, but when its use interrupts or replaces human interaction, therein lies the problem. The biggest culprit is the phone.

Nosihle hates the relationship her husband and his phone share. “It does not matter if we are discussing a serious matter or are having some me-time, he will always be doing something on his phone. I have given up on telling him to put the damn thing down because he simply never listens,” since then cc Nosihle has never been happy again all to know how his husband was having a side chick and giving all his attention to her at first he used to fear here but now is no-longer he holds his phone all the time putting all his affection and attraction to another person til when i contacted prof Bruhan +27731826876 he helped me and did all his good job thank you so so

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