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Can a Relationship Work after Getting Rid of isichitho?.

Yes a Relationship can work normally again when you have successfully got Rid of isichitho even though in some Relationship ships this isichitho tends to leave Scars of healing most especially to Partners who have a high Tempers .

We all know that isichitho works when you become unfaithful to your partner, Once you start having multiple partners then you giving abaloyi i-break through yabo into your Relationships So this sabotages the work that yo have all along been doing to see that you get Rid of isichitho.

NB. Once you have Treated and Got rid of isichitho successfully and your are back together with you partner please be faithful again with only one Partner ,Fully fill your commitment of being his alone or her alone Once you start having multiple partners again then you have opened up your self again to being a victim of being witched with isichitho +

We all know it does comes in many forms and from different people with different intentions

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